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If you are want to opt an Event management as a career, then through Tritya Institute of Event Management (TIEM) you get the chance to learn the event management. It is the best alternative as a prominent Event Management Institute in Delhi to pick. We ensure you take every necessary step towards the career choice which you like the most. What is Event Management considered as in general? You may think event management as a field that it is about tossing incredible meetings, then you have to do significantly more than these, you need to craft the events, corporate gathering, need to do promotion of the event, make the list of people to attend, handling their logistic requirements etc. You can be responsible for managing a huge corporate event or a small get-together. What makes TIEM the Best Event Management Institute in Delhi Here are some essential things, you should think about as an event management aspirant while choosing the Event Management Institute. Provides the opportunity to man…

How TIEM became the Top Event Management Institute in Delhi

If you are looking for a vibrant career then Event Management industry is just the right choice for you. For studying Event Management skills TIEM is considered as pioneer Event Management Institute in Delhi. At TIEM you not only get to learn Event Management skills but also get deep knowledge about this industry through top minds of the industry. As the event management industry is growing at a huge rate and expected to cross 10,000 crore mark during 2020-21, therefore, we can assume that right now is the fine time to enter into the industry. Get the best mentors for understanding the dynamics of the industry; choose the best Event Management Institute in Delhi to pursue Event Management courses before entering into this industry as a professional. By doing this you not only grow your skill set and network but also widen your scope of becoming a successful event manager.

Why Choose TIEM for pursuing Event Management Courses

While choosing an institute for pursuing a professional cour…


Events, parties,private functions or musical concerts, all are a fundamental method to make social associations. With the advancement of time, old and tedious Event Management techniques get replaced with some new trends each year. They ought to be grabbed by event organizers. An Event Planner needs to ceaselessly anticipate for such crucial event management trends which would give a top-notch live event experience to the attendees. Being the experts from a prestigious Event Management Institute in Delhi, here we are going to elaborate 5 such crucial aspects of Event Management which keep changing with times and which are needed to be constantly monitored.

What Elements of Event Management can be Crucial Event Management Trends-

As an Event Manager, you need to keep your eye on certain aspects related to Event Management which keeps evolving swiftly with times. As the experts from a prominent Event Management Institute in Delhi, here we have enlisted those elements which define crucia…

5 Things You Should Definitely Teach About Event Management!

Event management is one of the hottest new age careers, out there and there are a number of Institutes offering professional event management courses in India. Event management can be an extremely satisfying career if you have a passion for networking and arranging events. A professional event management program would aim for the holistic development of students and you must definitely consider one if you are looking to make a career in the industry. Event management can offer you the ideal scenario in which you combine your profession with a passion that you have cultivated. However, all is not a bed of roses. Event management also entails a lot of stress and tricky situations that you will have to learn to get over. Want to know more about event management study? Read our guide that will tell you about 5 essentials of event management training: 1. People Skills: People skills can be hard to define, but it is a quality that is essential for becoming a successful event planner. It’s imp…


As we can see a significant surge in the events happening in our surroundings nowadays, whether a Musical Concert or a sports event, have you ever wondered about the professionals working behind the scenes for the precise execution of the respective event. An event consists of plenty of elements to be managed such as decoration, food, lights, logistics, security, entertainment, crowd management and so on. An Event Manager has to coordinate and execute all these precisely while on the run.
If you are a job aspirant looking for an industry worth working with commendable scope then let us show you more of this industry, so that you can think more clearly about pursuing a suitable

Event Management Course in Delhi
to make a splendid career in the Event Management industry.

What are the types of Event and Event Management Skills required in professionals

Events can be subdivided into 3 categories on the basis of purpose they serve.

Corporate Events: Conference, seminars, product launch, prom…

How Studying Event Management Courses Helps You in Making a Strong Career

Event management is a vibrant career option which requires a certain set of skills. As an aspirant, you can kick-start your career in the Event Management industry by pursuing a relevant Event Management course from a prestigious Event Management Institute in Delhi such as TIEM.
Better communication skills:
Event Managers have to compose letters, compose the pamphlets and flyers, arrange and attend the meetings with the clients on a frequent basis. We assist you academically through our programs to upgrade your listening abilities and enhance your presence of mind for anticipating and reciprocating the non-verbal communication. Communication skills and networking gives you an extra edge in not only in this industry but everywhere.

Stronger management capabilities:
As the term ‘Event Management’ itself suggests, it requires Management skills. Event Management courses at TIEM enable you to strengthen your management of the workforce and the related resources in an efficient way. We provid…

Scope of MBA in Event Management

Let us first start with the most basic question.
What is event management? It is a job of planning or managing events like festivals, birthdays, concerts, fairs, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, etc. It is the development of Project Management skills and development of skills. It includes recognizing the target audience, branding the affair, deciding the theme of the event, encouraging the concept, managing the budget well, providing technical assistance, pre-solution of problems that might occur soon, successfully organizing the event, etc. There are some post-event analysis which as well includes analyzing the success and failure of the event by the management, customer satisfaction, inspecting the positive and negative facts of the event, examining expenditure and income, etc. These are the most crucial part of event management.

Scope of Event Management
Event Management has come out as a hot and booming industry in today’s date and it is in great demand. Consider some real-life exa…

Find the Perfect Wedding Planner Course

Wedding season is the reason to groove on the beats of music, to get ready and to have delicious and mouth-watering food. There are a lot of weddings around the world which make us go crazy about the wedding and all the things related to it. The world witnessed the wedding of Prince Harry and his girlfriend, who became his wife, Meghan Markle.
Some marriages make people believe in the institution of marriage. And it can give major craving to some people to take or find a management a course that will make their career as a party organizer or a wedding planner.

Why we need a wedding planner? Well, it is because people are now so busy in their work and life that they do not get a sufficient amount of time to even think about their wedding. Everyone has got the money, but no one has got the time. People have now become career lovers, which is a good thing and it should be loved and accepted. But with great responsibilities come lesser time.
An average wedding takes at least 250 hours of org…

Tips for Planning a Wedding Like an Event Professional

A wedding is one of the most important days in the lives of any couple. From selecting vendors to the choreographers, there are multiple things to be done in an orderly manner. Planning your own wedding can often get extremely stressful and overwhelming. Here are a few tips for planning your wedding like an event professional.
Set a budget and do not deviate A wedding can get very expensive, and you might find yourself always willing to add more things than you need. This will eventually lead you towards a bloated budget, and the budget that you had planned initially would have primarily exceeded by now. Aim never to exceed the stipulated budget and stick by it from day one. Get on-board with a Wedding planner course in Delhi at a reasonable price. Choose all the important details Once you have planned out the budget and the event schedule, it is time to figure out the most crucial details. The size of the wedding will be determined from the budget set for the day. Firstly, create a …

What to Look for in a Wedding Planner?

It is easy to get overwhelmed during the wedding planning process. Along with the organising, running errands, researching and finding the best vendors in the market and ensuring that everything goes smoothly on your big day, all the while ensuring that the guests are happy and enjoying themselves. Many of them try to juggle in between a job and maintaining a proper social life, which gets quite daunting at times. This is where a wedding planner comes and saves the day.
What are the things to look for in a wedding planner? Personality It is essential that you find someone whose personality perfectly clicks with yours. There will be times when you will be super stressed and might send 20 emails a night with intricate details of the wedding. There will be a time when the Bridezilla in you might come out. This is where and when you will need the wedding planner to stay calm beside you and lend an ear to you at all times. Trust-able You will trust someone for the most important day of yo…